Monday, 16 June 2014

I have a very unstable relationship with my jewellery.
One moment we are deeply in love and I wear the same piece for weeks on end spending every waking moment with it, then I just abandon it and we wont come into contact for weeks, even months.
Quite sad really.

Haha,Seriously though...
I want to share with you my top pieces of jewellery which I love to wear, when I'm in the jewellery-wearing-mood.
I'm not the kind of person to invest in expensive jewellery as my taste changes a lot. I also am not very bold with my jewellery. I like to keep it small and simple. Hence why none of these pieces are very crazy. None the less I love them and wish to share them with you:)

This ring I got for my sixthteenth birthday and I still love it now. Isn't it cute? This one is rose gold, I adore rose gold! I'm pretty sure you can also get it in gold and silver too:) It's so cute and dainty, I wear it all the time. This was purchased from Etsy. When I had it brought for me it was around £20 but I've just had a little look and they are now only £7/8!! There's loads to choose from, here's the link if your interested:)

This second piece is a coral string bracelet from cos.
My mum brought me this back from a trip she went on a while back and I love it. Again it's got dark, almost rusty rose gold clasp and beads, and its also been knotted in parts of it too. I think this is a great way to add a tiny pop of colour to your outfit and also great with wearing alongside other small dainty bracelets.

Ah! Yes your saw it coming a statement necklace. I seemed to of accumulated a number of statement necklaces lately but this is by far my most worn one. I love wearing statement necklaces with simple outfits, they instantly add that extra bit of detail to your look. This one was from new look in the generation section. I never thought to look in the younger section for jewellery but they actually have some good bits and bobs, a fair bit cheaper than the normal section too!

Finally, last but not least my Pandora earrings. Again, small and dainty, have you spotted the trend? haha.These are so cute, just plain navy blue flowers. Another piece I love to wear on an everyday.

 Do you like to invest in staple pieces or change it up regularly?

Thanks so much for reading,


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