Monday, 2 June 2014


Five minute face.

I've seen lots of posts similar to this floating around and found them very helpful! So I thought I'd do my own spin...
If your anything like me and would much rather have ten more minutes shut eye in the warm cocoon of your duvet rather than ten more minutes getting 'glammed up' for the day, but do still want to look some-what human then hopefully you have stumbled upon the right post:)
Every week day morning is a disorganised rush for me, I have the shower-scoff-tame the mane and five minute face down to an impressive time now you know!
In this post I'm going to educate you on the genius products which compose my five minute face.
Before I dive in I will say these products aren't going to turn you into Beyoncé, just a less zombie version of yourself:)... Enough rambling we only have five minutes!

So first I apply a coat of the collection foundation with my beloved real techniques buffing brush. This will make it look like your natural skin in seconds. The foundation itself is great for covering any redness/discolouration you may have.

I follow this up with a quick dab of benefit's "oh la lift" under my eyes to get rid of my extremely dark circles and create the illusion of having had lots of sleep. Haha.

Then I will brush a light layer of my sleek blush in "Suede" on the apples on my cheeks and blend towards the perimeter of my face to add a bit of colour.

Then I quickly add some Rimmel stay matte pressed powder to set it all in place and reduce any shine. I love to use the E.l.f professional stipple brush (any stippling brush will do!) to press the powder into my face rather than just dusting. This helps to lock the makeup into place making it last a little longer.

Next up is the dreaded brows. I find doing my eyebrows so tedious! I will sometimes use wax and powder but when I'm in a hurry (most of the time) I will just brush through them with a brown matte eye shadow. The one I'm currently using, and loving is "mudhoney" from the soap and glory "What's nude palette".

By this time I should be at school....

Finally I line my upper waterline with the Rimmel scandeleyes just to add a bit more definition and then apply a coat of Maxfactor's 2000 calorie mascara (I use the waterproof version just to keep the curl in my lashes) this is really great for adding length and also a bit of volume.

Oh I almost forgot to add a little bit of lip balm on too! (It's not always Vaseline.. to be honest its just the first one I can get my hands on!)

And voila!, That's what my face-in-a-rush consists of recently.
As I said nothing too fancy but I hope it was helpful:)

Let me know what your go to everyday products are!


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