Thursday, 12 June 2014

Being a student means I'm not the richest! I do get wages from my Saturday job but really I should be saving that for things like driving lessons. (I must say I'd rather spend it all on clothes and makeup though!!)
Basically, what I'm trying to say is I love a bargin!!.. doesn't everyone?
And I wanted to share my recent bargin. This top is from good old Primark. I have to say I really don't tend to like Primark clothing, that's not me being snobby I just find it doesn't fit right on me most the time. But I saw this top and thought it was so cute! Annoyingly it didn't fit me properly but luckily my mum adjusted it for me, haha.

I'm sure you've gathered by the pictures that its just a simple blue ,denim style cami with white flowers on it. The quality really is quite good so for £5 I think its a steal!
What's your latest bargin?

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