Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion
I thought it was about time I introduced you to a good friend of mine... everyone meet Dove Summer Glow nourishing lotion. (I promise I do have real friends haha!)
So as I was applying this the other day it occurred to me that I haven't ever mentioned it here on my blog. The reason this is such a surprise is because this is one of my favourite things...ever!

I've been using this for about a year now and ever since then I have never bothered to try any other fake tanning products out because this does the job in such a non-hassle fashion.
(You've probably already figured out by now but it's a lotion with gradual tan in.)
Application is very simple due to it being a lotion rather than a mouse, (which scare me if I'm honest!) I tend to apply it with a mitt just to avoid the orange hand look...which isn't quite so natural;) I also tend to apply it before I go to bed so that I can wash it off in the morning as it can leave quite a greasy residue, nothing a quick rinse in the shower can't fix though!
The lotion starts off as a very subtle glow but can also easily be built into a more intense colour. I'm pretty pale so two/three coats usually does me.
I'm going to be really useless here and say I can't tell you the exact length that the colour lasts because it wears off so evenly its hard to tell, which is a good thing right?
I pick mine up from super drug but I notice that they do it everywhere, even the super markets so its not hard to track down:) It's pretty good value too at about £5 for a 250ml bottle, every time I see it it's on an offer so I usually get mine for £2.50!!
I believe they do fair to medium and medium to dark. And they also do a version with shimmer but I here that's not so great.
I hope this has been some what useful. Thanks for reading:)

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