Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all having a good November so far.
So I know this post is kind of late ...well 11 days late!!
But here is my October favourites:)
So for my first favourite of this month is the Nivea power fruit refresh showergel.Ok i'm just going to be honest the reason its in my favourites is simply smells...sooo good!!
Its a really nice fresh fruity, cherry smell. And it lasts for a while too. It also is very kind to your skin and makes it very soft.

So for my next favourite I have gone for the Palmer's cocoa butter, moisturizing lip balm.I get quite chapped lips but lately they have been even worse as now the tempreture has dropped and its really cold!!,This has been helping a lot!,I apply at every chance I have so it does the job well.And its smells quite nice too which is always a bonus!!This lip balm is £1.79 for one in superdrug...but I get mine from the shop body care for three for £1.99.

My third favourite of this month is the Maxfactor 2000 calorie mascara. When I first  got this I loved it, then I found it slightly clumpy, but now I love it again haha!.I think that applying this after curling your lashes is great!, It helps to keep the curl in place that the lash curler has created but then it adds more curl and volume. I think that it can create quite a casual look to your lashes for evry day but then you can also build it up to achieve great big lashes!...which is always good;)
I have tried a couple of the other Maxfactor mascaras and I think i just love the brand in general. This particular mascara is £6.99,and for what it is, it's certainly worth it if you ask me:)

Next is the e.l.f studio stipple brush. I love e.l.f I think the brand in general, the quality of the products is great and the price is amazing!. This particular product has to be the best e.l.f  brush I have tried...maybe even the best brush I have tried. I have re-discovered it as my other brushes were dirty so I just grabbed this one and then remembered how great it was, it gives such a natural flawless look and it can make pretty much any foundation look great on your skin.(I love to use this with the Rimmel wake me up foundation.)It also helps you build up your foundation and it not to get "cakey".
This brush is £3.75,which is an absolute bargain!!!!
I would recommend this highly!

The next of my favourites is....This NSPA fresh sweet raspberry body mist. I love love love this!
It smells soo nice..(even better than the shower gel!;)) It lasts pretty well too. Its very fresh and sweet. And I guess its a bit of a summer fragrance. There is also a passion fruit one which I also have but its not as good as this one in my opinion!,haha!
These are great to just chuck in your school bag/bag and sprits on the go. This is from ASDA, It costs £3 or two for £ when ever I get these I get them in twos haha!
I recommend you do check out the whole NSPA collection they do all sorts like, shower gel, skin care, lip balm etc. And they all smell great!!

 So next is this Clean&Clear duel action moisturiser. I love this so much, it not only does the job of moisturising but it helps prevent spots and blemishes. I have been reaching for this lots lately because of the cold weather as it hydrates my skin well. I love that this is oil free, as are all the Clean&Clear products this is great for me as oil on my skin is what breaks me out and most moisturisers  have oil in them. This is one of the most important items in my skin care routine!,I've been using it for a long while now so I thought I would mention that!:).Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see my skin care routine
This is such a good price also at only,£3.39.

And finally, last but not least the e.l.f mist and set makeup setting spray, I've been really enjoying this I spray it on after I have finished my makeup then leave it a couple of minutes then add a bit of pressed powder and my makeup last a lot longer:)
A little of this goes a very long way, so this little bottle will last you a long time.
This costs £3.75 which is brilliant, as are all the prices at e.l.f.
A bit of a tip with this though is to spray just a little and quite far away from your face...yes I had to learn that the hard way!!;)
So I hoped you enjoyed this post, sorry again for the lateness!!
I would love to hear What your monthly favourites are.:)

Thanks for reading!