Monday, 15 April 2013

So today I am going to review the heaven and earth eye shadow palette. So to start off with the palette has twelve colours which are all neutral and very wearable for an everyday look. But also there are darker colours for more of a dramatic, evening look.

The pigmentation of the colours are really quite good, they stay on without creasing for a good while. If I do want the colours to stay for a longer period of time then I tend to just use the E.L.F eyelid primer underneath which works a treat! If you suffer with extra oily skin then I would try this out!

The palette is also very handy for travelling as it has all the neutrals you could ever need.
My one hasn't got a black colour but this is the older version and I believe they have added a black now.

The only bad thing I could really say about this palette is that the packaging is a bit rubbish as it is not very durable but apart from that I really really recommend this palette at just three pounds, it is a complete bargin!!