Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hi guys!
Sorry I have not posted for absolutly AGES!!
I've been really busy!

(I decided to delete all my previous blog posts and start from scratch!)

So Im going to talk about three of my favourite hair products of the moment.
I'm forever switching around my hair styling products but these are some I have been loving lately.
Ok soo...

1.) The Pantene Prov-v hairspray.

The one I have is number four,(out of 5)which is extra strong.
The thing I love most about this product is that this particular one is designed for normal-thick hair so this is like a god send for me as my hair is really thick and I have to dump so much hairspray in for it to even think about staying put throughout the day,and this makes my hair feel horrid!!
It also very light and you don't need much of this product for it to do the job.It doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky/crunchy either and it smells pretty good too.

This product retails for around £ cheap too!

Overall I would give this product a ... 4/5
Just because there is always room to improve!

2.) The VO5 smoothly does it,Curl defining mousse.

Ok so I randomly purchased this product quite a few weeks ago,but never actually got round to trying it out.

But when I finally did I really liked it.On the bottle it says that it gives a "frizz free finish,enhances curls & smoothes straight hair." I completly agree that it helps to fight frizz becuase my hair can get quite frizzy so this really reduces it.(but not completly).I also agree that it enhances curls.My hair is naturally wavey and the mousse really defines them and can even create curls.
I have never tryed it with straight hair so I can't comment on the last point.
Also this product has heat defence in it which is a bonus!
The only fault is with this product is that it is not very light on the hair,I feel like it weighs down my hair quite a bit.

Apart from that I really like this product:),it creates really pretty beachy waves/curls
(which I like to further define with a curling wand / tong sometimes.)

Oh.. and it retails at £3/£4,again very affordable.

I rate this 3.5-4/5

3.) Aussie duel personality curl definition and soft feel serum (long name!!)

Ok finally my last product is this hair serum.
I love this!
It is very light in my hair and as it is part of the "frizz miracle" collection it gets rid of frizz really well.I like using this after curling/waving my hair (or sometimes even when it is just straight).It really defines curls and just finishes the hair off in general.Sometimes with products like this I feel like it can take away the bounce in your hair but this does the opposite,it actually just boosts it.
Like any hair serums you must always make sure you are just appling it to the legnth of your hair because if you apply it to the root it will make your hair appear greasy/oily and eventually make you hair a lot more oily.And little goes a long way with this product so don't over do it;)
I love this brand in general,but this product is definalty one of my top hair products ever!

It's selling price is around £4/£5

Overall I give this product a 4.5/5

I really hope you enjoyed this:)
And I promise to be a bit more regular with my posts now!;)
Thanks again,
Amber x


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