Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hi guys:)

Happy Halloween!

So today I am going to be doing......

Drugstore makeup vs. highend makeup.So I find these kind of things really interesting to read so I thought I would do one myself:)
So basically its kind of self explanatory but I will be comparing to similar sorts of products one high end and one drugstore and telling you my thoughts on them and which one I prefer.

I will be reviewing highlighting/under eye concealer.

So For my high end product I have chosen the.......

The benifit "ooh la lift"
This is an "under-eye de-puffer" and can also be used as a highlighter but it feels a bit too sticky to use it as that to be honest.

I really like this product but you do need a fair bit to get good results.
Although saying that I have used this for ages now and it has lasted me ages!
 If you have dark circles under your eyes and have trouble covering them up I would defiantly recommend trying it out!:)
It really brightens the under eyes and dark circles, and instantly makes you look more awake.

This is kind of strange also but I really like the packaging it is a great size as it is big enough to hold a decent amount of product but them not too big so I can travel/carry it and top it up on the go.

This product is £16.50 on the benefit website.
I must admit that is a little pricy for what it is but so are all benefit products really.

So my Drugstore version is the l'oreal paris touche magique.
(I believe this is actually a dupe for the Touche eclat .)

I absolutely love this!!
Again it is a great size,it does a great job of covering up any dark circles and can be used on any other areas of the face too!
I find this one lasts even longer than the benefit one also!

It has a bit more of a thicker consistency to the ooh la lift one, the benefit one is a little thinner and more watery but they both are very creamy and easy to work with.
 This one is also a lot lot cheaper as it sells for £8.19

(I got a picture offline for this one as my one is the old one and the packaging has changed)

So overall, if you can't already tell I prefer the drugstore concealer:),I think its is just that little bit better and then being half the price helped me make my mind up!;)

Any comments or question do leave below and I will be sure to reply!:)
Thankyou so much for reading this:)
Amber x


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