Friday, 16 January 2015

Lucy Mecklenburgh- Be body beautiful



This week I'm going to be doing a book review. This is something completely different to what I normally post but I'm super excited about it!
I'm really passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, I think its so important to be active and eat nutritious food. Ever since I was young I've always eaten pretty healthy but the last year or so I've kind of slacked a little, so I decided to really get back into it this year.
To kick-start this I decided to pre-order Lucy Mecklenburg's new health and fitness book after seeing it all over twitter. To be honest I wasn't expecting too much from it I just thought it could possibly help inspire me.
Now I've read it I feel like I need every nutrition, health and fitness book there is!! It's really sparked a new passion for me, I really didn't think I'd be into nutrition but It really is interesting!!
This book is just £7 on amazon and honestly its, hands down the best £7 I have ever spent. If your looking into getting fit and healthy then I defiantly recommend this book!!
I don't want to completely spoil it but there is basically seven different chapters including recipes, workouts and food plans and of course Lucy's story which I could really relate too. But the reason I personally love this is the nutrition side of things. I feel like I really know what the food I put in my body does to me, good and bad. It puts things into a really simple and easy format to follow and is just so helpful. For me its literally like a health bible, haha! I now constantly refere to this when choosing what to eat and what I need more of in my diet.
If you want to get into nutrition but are not sure where to start, This is where!!
I hope you enjoyed this post, I really want to include more healthy lifestyle posts in the future:)

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