Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sugar Crush Body Scrub review

So lately lots of people have been raving about the soap and glory products, not only is the packaging absolutely adorable, but the smell is amazing and the actual products are also great!, I own various Soap and glory products but today I'm going to be reviewing the sugar crush body scrub!

First of all the scent is by far my favourite out of all the soap and glory products and they do a body lotion of the same smell but I must say it is just not as good as the scrub.

Packaging-Well just like all the rest of the packaging from soap and glory it is super cute and comes in a big old tub which will last be a good while,(I tend to use a body scrub once a week...ish!)I find that all products in tubs are slightly impractical because when you go to close the tub a whole load of products spills out the edge, I don't know if that's just me..haha.
But Apart from that I can't fault the packaging.

Product itself- Despite the fact that the product slightly resembles frogsbourne.The product is great!, again I can't stress enough how much I LOVE the smell!!It really makes your skin feel smooth and soft and gets rid of any dry skin. I did find that it makes my legs in particular went slightly red for about twenty minutes after using the product but then it goes away, I think this is because I have quite sensitive skin on my legs so I would just be slightly cautious if you have extra sensitive skin.

Overall I am really loving this product I think it is priced at roughly £8 from boots, and I would defiantly recommend it, but as I said just be slightly cautious if you have sensitive skin.
I really hope you enjoyed this post:)

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